I’d like to thank Jamie at DotWeekly.com for mentioning my incident in his post here.?? I was actually surprised to see a respected blogger mention this incident because it is never easy to say something publicly which may upset a big forum owner in the industry.? I did see another blogger (or maybe two) in the forum thread but am not surprised they are silent on the event.? I understand when you do domaining for a living you don’t want to rock the boat.

I did contact Matt Rosebrook at Sedo yesterday (who’s a very cool cat) and explained what happened and gave him a link to the story and he said he forwarded the information to the Sedo security department and after they verify it they will ban the scammer’s account.? Nice to see at least one place stepping up and doing what is best for the whole.


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  • No problem on the article. I felt others needed to be well aware of what took place, so it doesn’t happen to them. Plus I do not think everybody was aware that they can get NPB’s information if they do not pay at Sedo. “Other” auction services should considering doing it as well, because it’s a big problem and causes a lot of headaches and distrust.

    I even think Sedo should make it clear to the BIDDER that if they do not pay, the seller will be provided with there details for any legal action they choose. That would make a bidder think twice and know it’s not a game!

    I do not like calling out people publicly but it was clear this person did it!

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