Namejet just publicly launched an affiliate program, going to give it a test drive and see how it goes.? I’ve been busy working on a few other sites recently so haven’t been talking much about domains.? Though one thing I think is worth mentioning…? I put some domains up for Offer/Counteroffer in GoDaddy and I didn’t set real prices, I put $10 for my minimum bed and for my asking price.? Of course I got a ton of bids for $10 and I quickly learned my lesson and raised that on up, but I did take the time to counter every $10 bid that came in.? A lot of articles I read from domain guys say they don’t bother responding to lowball/insulting offers.? I sold two of those domains which initially received a $10 bid, one for $2,000 and one for $1,500.? Nothing extraordinary but it was two domains I had no use for.? I actually hand reg’d one and the other I picked up on GoDaddy auctions for $25 a year ago.? Moral of the story, you may snatch a decent sale or two from what starts out as a lowball offer.


My Top 5 Picks

? – a lot of high CPC related keywords here. Also a lot of possible end users. Will go for mid $X,XXX.

? – anyone who has had a job in manufacturing should know this term.

? – we have no use for the domain, but a cheese company might.

? – I love domains. This is the best on one the board today.

? – Brandable, could probably get it for under $2,000 and sell it for $10,000 to an end user.

My 5 Picks with Less Than 10 Bidders – sounds like fun… the domain that is.

? – great name for a Clickbank ebook product.

? – picture site filled with party pics? Or a domain for a roofing specialist.

? – not sure how this domain would be used, but domains with meaning have value.

? – popular first name, look how well has done.

My Darkhorse Pick (a domain I think you can snatch cheap and sell for over $1,000)

? – I think you’ll be able to get this for $69-$150 and I do think it has the possibility to sell for over a grand.

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