It’s New Year’s Day so today’s list is giving you the best of the best coming up in January. This is a big list with killer domains in it. Also, I came up with my New Year’s domaining resolutions so I’m going to share those in case some of you are struggling to think of some.

New Years Domaining Resolutions

1. Actively sell 1 domain name per week on average. This is an agressive goal but a sale can be for $500 or $5,000. The key is actively getting out there. I started really getting into this and then the holidays came and I stopped doing it the last two weeks. I want to make a dedicated effort to really sell this year and bump up those earnings. This is all sweat profit because I’ll still get those passive sales along the year as usual.

2. Condense my purchases into domains that I am reasonably sure I can flip in 3 months or less. I have bought a lot of future domains this year. I think they are great investments but they won’t help my cash flow for a while. This year I want to focus on selling and one way to do that is to buy domains that I think I can flip relatively quickly.

3. Avoid the bidding war and actually stick to my number. Sometimes we get caught up in a bidding war and we go over what we wanted to pay for a domain. Not this year for me. By going over your budget you are eating away your potential profit. There’s too many domains out there so this year I’m holding to my number during bidding.

4. See if I can sell a few domains through I have not listed my domains for sale on this site but I know I have the perfect target market (albeit they are mostly domainers so there are looking to pay a domainers price). I’m going to try to get a few sales off of here this year which means I’ll have to let go of a few domains for significantly less then I think they are worth, but if I can do a profitable flip it is a profitable flip.

Here’s today’s list…

My Top Picks – not sure what I’d do with the site but it is a pretty sweet domain name regardless. – could become a great brandable funny site. – one of the three branches of government, see, I still remember something from 10th grade social studies. – great short name for a wedding related site. – dead on arrival, department of agriculture, and many more possible uses. – I mentioned this domain before but I love it so much it’s making the list again. Love this domain. – you’d think this is a domain that Sears (along with their Craftsman brand) should own. – I think this keyword works nicely with the .org extension. Maybe a place for writers of factual things to sell their books. – a three letter animal, gotta love that. There’s not too many of them… well, pig, rat, ehhhh, maybe a few more. – great domain. This could easily go for $5k. – I’ve said it before, poker will eventually become legal (I mean why is fantasy sports legal for money but not poker? Both are a skill/luck combo). – they sell them for babies and they sell them for old folks so double the market double the fun. – solid one word .net domain, I guess $1,550. – could be a one stop shop to handle all social payment transactions. Or could be a middle man where buyers pay to advertise on seller’s social media accounts. – one word .net, today’s list has a bunch of them and I like them all. – my + a solid keyword is always a great domain. This is a strong domain, easy four figures. – starts out real strong with 88 and finishes real strong with 69. The Asian investors and the porn investors will want this one. – a lot of people are looking for a free IP. Great, short domain .

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