I gave a short tip about a line to include when emailing end users yesterday and I got an email last night asking me if I could elaborate a little more on what I include in my email. I try to do three things when emailing an end user. I want to let them know that this is a one time offer because the domain will sell (if the domain is 10 years old I will include a line the age and a comment about how it could be another 10 years or longer before it goes up for sale again). I want them to understand the value of this domain to their business (either the value proposition, or from a SEO standpoint, or from a branding perspective). And I want them to know this is a serious inquiry and not a nigerian scam type of deal… so I include my site name and my phone number so they can see it is a legit thing. If you’re sending out a one or two sentence email you might want to work on tuning that to something a little bit better, your response rate may just go up.

And if you didn’t happen to catch the GoDaddy deal on Groupon that I posted about yesterday you have a little over two days before the deal expires (check my post from yesterday). Here’s today’s list…

My Top Picks

videomax.com – used to be a chain with this name, but it has gone the way of all dvd rental stores and fell into bankruptcy.

websitephotos.com – good domain name to sell photos for website owners to use on their sites.

recaps.net – good domain name for a tv lover who loves to write recaps of what happened on last night’s shows.

attached.net – some kind of software product where you can attach large files to emails that would normally crash the email (or so I hope).

co-owner.com – the hyphen actually makes sense here. I picture a site where people can find a co-owner for their business.

ppct.com – I like the letters, I also like that it is 16 years old.

Offer.org – solid keyword domain, quite a few possible uses I could think of for this one. Developed the right way this is a money maker.

1StopShop.com – would you rather have the number 1 or the word One at the front of this domain? Would be a nice brandable for an Amazon.com type of site.

My Top Picks with Less Than 10 Bidders

10fold.com – popular saying used and two word terms are hot.

apphive.com – apps are here to stay, this could be a nice brandable for an app site.

hollywooddolls.com – people love celebrities, I can imagine them saying “I just got the new Angelina Jolie doll”. Not for me, but other people would love it.

hany.com – easy to say and four letters, qualities that I am always a fan of.

StLouisJewelers.com – nice geo + keyword domain. These can be popular with end users if you market it right.

My Darkhorse Pick (a domain I think you can snatch cheap and sell for over $1,000)

jeffery.org – you could spell it Jeffery or Jeffrey. Only 1 bidder on this so not much competition.

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