On a lot of the Namejet auctions there’s a solid number of bidders, anywhere from 50-150 bidders on average for a good domain. When it comes time for auction though you only see 3-4 of them making bids. What the hell are the other 97 people doing? I admit I add a domain once in a while because I’m interested in seeing what price it sells for, but I’ve noticed some bidders who never make any bids higher then the $69. Are you one of these serial pre-bidders who disappear when the real bidding gets underway? If so, can you give some insight into what you are doing? Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks

clipped.com – maybe like a Pinterest type of site perhaps.

vipgifts.com – I see a site that shows all ridiculously priced but crazy fun things that only a VIP could afford.

bin.net – online storage site, it’s that simple.

sin.net -7 deadly sins, sin city, or an acronym.

karateteacher.com – great name for a lead gen site.

eAmerica.com – tons of possible uses, would require a pretty big build job.

freeforex.com – forex is hot and when people see ‘free’ they get excited.

puppet.net – Kermie, where are you Kerrrrrrrrrrmie?

connectfast.com – everyone wants to connect fast to everything. We have become such an inpatient nation.

webscores.com – want to list all the scores on the web? Would make a good name for an app too.

retirementmistakes.com – people who are planning on retiring are looking online years ahead to find out what they need to do and what mistakes to avoid. Great name for that purpose.

whatchup.com – a combination between ‘watch’ and ‘what’s up’.

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