Not getting any bids on some of your domain sets but you know they are good… you got to get out there and market them. A domain set is a set of domains that are similar (i.e. as an example). Sometimes you may be ahead of the industry and you’re not getting any bids because you had the foresight and the industry will be playing catch up to you. Just because domains aren’t getting bids does not mean that they are crap and you should drop them. If you are considering dropping a domain set you really should get out there and market the domains and see if you can pique any interest in the industry before you let go of your assets.
Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks – if you buy domains here’s an easily pronounceable one. – with identity theft rampant nowadays a lot of companies are offering identify protection and identify monitoring services. – there’s a fair number of potential end users looking through Google’s search results. – another way to say non-stop music and the domain is 16 years old so you can claim you are the original 24 hour music site (based on domain age). – another 16 year old domain, this is a city in PA so if you buy geo domains you may be interested. – 17 year old domain name, could be used to buy/sell/trade backlinks.

.info Auction – if you have not checked out the .info auction happening on GoDaddy it is worth seeing what things are going for. is leading the way right now at a little over $5,500 with 7+ days left. – it’s missing the “ing” but who said you can’t make a profit from a variation. There’s only one and if someone doesn’t want to pay the big bucks for it they might be looking for a solid cheaper alternative. – half the people out there say minisites are dead and the other half still loves them. People with limited budgets still buy them so there’s a good market out there. – not the best out there but not the worst. Sounds a bit like ‘naked’ but that may be a stretch. – if you are a fan of IDNs then this is a good domain for you. I’ve never bought one, I doubt I ever will, but that’s just me. – if you want to make a marketing campaign for a non dot com extension this is a good domain to do it on, but the irony of doing it on a .com.

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