Best list I’ve seen in the past month. If you love’s and’s then you will love the domains on here today!
Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks – something about this domain I like. I feel like some bank somewhere sooner or later will come across this domain and want it. – the “Q” will kill some people’s interest. I really like the “EM” portion of the domain. – my least favorite of the’s on today’s list but still it’s a and that holds value and liquidity.

.info Auction – put this link here yesterday I’ll leave it up until the auction closes, lots of top notch .info domains being auctioned off for the first time. Auction closes today. – alert. Got a few of them on the list today. Love them all! – I’m surprised that someone is deciding to auction domains on Namejet. If I’m a potential buyer (which I am) I would be wondering if they were unable to sell it to any end users and if I buy it would this mean I’m not going to find any end users for it. – pronounceable’s are always highly desireable. – another good – love the’s. – good site for vegetarians to frequent or for Green Giant to buy. – Headquarters abbreviation perhaps? Also a few companies with this in their name.

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