I had a few emails with a domainer and it is always interesting to hear another person’s experiences or view and how they make money in the domain name industry. You know the big boys are selling their domains for 5 or 6 figures. A lot of people are trying to make it in the four figure sweet spot area. And then you have people who buy domain names for $9 and go and sell them for $79. The hell you say. Well, it was a very interesting take on a way to approach domaining. You buy a ton of hand regged domains (you do need a good eye to pick things that are decent) and immediately park them so that you can start to earn some money while you’re attempting to sell them. You then begin to spend 8 hours a day emailing potential end users about domains that they may be interested in hopes of driving a sale that only will earn you a profit of $70. Because you send out so many emails, and because your selling price is very low you are aiming to drive 4-5 sales a day which is an achievable goal when you are able to scale up, automate, etc… $300 in profit a day on average is a six figure earning per year. And when you find someone who buys a name you can then present them with 50 or 100 other relevant names to them that you currently own, or in the future, and that 1 sale could turn into many sales or recurring sales. It is definitely a hustle way of domaining but you can’t knock the hustle when it returns six figures.

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Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks

stopforwarding.com – tired of having the same guy forward you tons of crap, put him on the stop forwarding list… or something like that.

todayinsports.com – good name for a sports blog to recap what happens each day in the sporting world, would be killer if the owner/writer had a wicked sense of humor and really spiced it up to create something unique.

sharts.com – good name for a funny site and I’ll leave it at that.

romneyeconomics.com – if you want to own your own little piece of political history, this domain was purchased by the Obama camp and was redirected to a page on BarackObama.com.

tradiciones.com – sounds like traditions in Spanish, quick Google search, confirmed it is traditions in Spanish. I bought one Spanish word domain at auction (economicas… economics) and have not had much interest in it or any luck contacting people so buyer beware.

sevencardpoker.com – I played this a few times, not my game though.

gessica.com – typed it into Google, wasn’t sure if anyone actually uses this as their first name, some images appeared in the results, appearantly everyone with the name Gessica is hot. Give it a shot.

sttropez.net – a few of the geo buyers will duke it out to get this one.

torontoattorney.com – even with the Google changes to exact match domain name ranking I’m still a fan of domains like this because I think there’s an end user who will put up a high quality site which the exact match will indeed help them rank higher for.

mrbean.net – who doesn’t love Mr. Bean? Guy made a great living out of acting weird, gotta love it!

mccroskey.com – any time I can snag a first name or last name .com for a low price I do it because tons of people use their names for their business so every day the number of potential end users could be growing.

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