I’ve had a string of people make an offer for a domain name of mine listed at DomainNameSales and then when I write back to them they disappear. In two cases I accepted their offer so there was no negotiation to be had. Kinda sucks but what can you do.

Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks

sao.org – this domain literally just got listed 2 hours ago and there’s tons of bidders on it (which is unusual for a GoDaddy expiring auction this new).

autoinsuranceadvice.com – Auto Insurance Advice #1… Click on my affiliate link and buy auto insurance.

GetWriting.com – could be a place for authors and would be authors to pump each other up… “C’mon man, one more paragraph”… “You can do it, three more prepositional phrases to go”…

enetwork.com – at this price range I’m no longer a bidder. I prefer to stick to the expiring auctions on GoDaddy cause I’ve seen a lot of shady stuff going on within the Seller Public Auctions.

xy.net – who likes short shorts, I like short shorts, we like short shorts… (switch out “Shorts” with “domain names”).

greenengine.com – green cars is the wave of the future and they’ll need a green engine in each of them.

onlyyou.com – I see a comedy site here, funny pictures that people submit each with the caption “Only You”.

novocaine.com – good domain name to resell to a dentist.

designonline.com – lots of uses, you can design clothes, websites, houses, etc…

lifepreservers.com – anything that saves lives will always be a good product to sell.

citiyofchicago.com – do not bid on this domain. I can’t believe Namejet is posting this as a reserve auction… notice that “City” is spelt as “Citiy”… How many possible typos would this get? And there’s a reserve on it! Unreal.

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