When negotiating with a potential buyer a lot of times it is easy to tell when the person is not familiar with domain name values. They think paying more than $100 is ridiculous. You’re getting nowhere with them. Time to try something. There are two analogies that I use to try to put it into perspective for them. One is relating it to land value which I think quite a few domainers do so I won’t discuss further. The second one is if I know (or find out) what their product or service is I’ll ask them what it costs. Let’s say they sell a product that is priced at $100. I’ll ask them what they would say to a potential customer came and said they only wanted to pay $2 because that’s all they think it is worth. I’ll then show them some recent domain name sames that are comparable to the domain they are inquiring about and point out and relate that to the $2 offer for their product. I frame it a little more eloquently but you get the point. If you can show them the current market prices and relate it to what they deal in everyday sometimes it can open their eyes to how low their offer is. Some people are stubborn and refuse to accept the point, but sometimes you get through. Hey, you can’t win them all.

Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks

livesocial.com – love the name as a brandable marketing campaign for a social based site. Don’t just make social part of your online life, make it part of life.

freestones.com – 16 years old… we give the stones away for free, you just pay the ridiculously priced shipping and handling.

thinkcoffee.com – when you want a tasty and satisfying beverage don’t get a soda, think coffee.

earring.net – a site to cater to people who only wear it in one ear.

wqd.com – there’s been an influx of LLL.com domains hitting the auction sites. Snapnames currently has 5 or 6 of them in auction and they are getting pretty decent prices, currently at $4-5K with time left for domains that have one or two less popular letters in them (z, v, j, etc…).

bioterrorism.com – unfortunately sooner or later I could see this becoming a huge problem across the globe. Would be a good future domain investment.

thefacts.org – I like the name with the .org combo as it gives it an air of authority.

fishnetstockings.com – the fishnet stockings have gotten a bad rap because a lot of people think hookers when they think of them. I think they are pretty hot.

imbox.com – might get some typo traffic from inbox.com.

sharebooks.com – could work on a local level, or I think media mail at the post office is affordable… though I wouldn’t want to be the 10th women to use the shared 50 Shades of Grey book as that could get icky.

recommended.net – good name for a social share site where people can recommend things.

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