In negotiations sometimes you win and sometimes you lose if you press too hard. Normally I’m a bird in the hand type of guy but yesterday I pressed and I lost a potential sale which is a risk you take in negotiating. I had a potential buyer email me and I was able to connect with him on Google chat. His initial offer was respectable and after a little back and forth he came up to a figure where if push came to shove I would have taken. But I sensed there was a good amount more of potential upside for myself and tried to increase the price. I read the potential buyer wrong, and the talk collapsed and that was that. There is a chance he’ll come back with a higher offer, but when I pressed he seemed to take it personally. Here’s today’s list…

My Top Picks – it’s a first name among other things, I actually never heard of anyone with this name until I just searched right now. – you might have a trademark issue here, but if you turn it into a fan site where people can show off their Benz maybe Mercedes won’t care. – I’m curious how much people value “saint” versus “st” in places like St. Louis or St. Paul. – I’m a fan, always will be, and this one is easy to say though people may spell it as Larry if they hear it. – comedy site, site about water balloons popping, maybe an appendix wellness site, the possibilities are few. – I’ve been noticing some companies using a .org as their homesite recently so the are a little more on my radar now. – great name for either a virtual porn site or a fantasy sports site, or combine them both and appeal doubly to the male population. – could be a stock site about stocks that have tanked and might be good rebound pickups. Could be a site to sell tank tops on.

My Top Picks with Less Than 10 Bidders – great letters and not many bidders, always a good combination. – might be a stretch but a wedding videographer might be interested in this domain name. – makes sense in a big money niche. – if you are a SEO company that will do work for any region on the globe this is your domain. – could be a brandable, a tickets site, a stereo system company site, etc…

My Darkhorse Pick (a domain I think you can snatch cheap and sell for over $1,000) – tons of different data providers out there so lots of possible end users for this guy.

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  • I think too many people take negotiations personal. Buyers may already have a top price in mind and refuse to go over that number. If it was me and we reached that number, I would just say that is my final offer. I have also had sellers get offended by my first offer and cut off communications. I see this as just business, but others have different ideas I guess.

    • Yes, I’ve gotten that before, I ask a seller for a price, they say “make me an offer”, so I make a low offer because making a high initial offer makes no sense to me, and they get pissed and go on a rant about “Are you crazy”. Hey, I asked you for a price and you told me to make an offer.

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