One thing that every domainer should consider when negotiating a domain of theirs that someone wants to buy is the opportunity cost. If someone offers you $3,000 on a domain and that is their final offer and you want $4,000 and you have come to a standstill something you should consider is can you take that $3,000 and turn it into more (i.e. is there a good domain buying opportunity out there that you could put that money to). You can hold out for the next year and get the $4,000 (maybe) and you’re only actual cost is the $10 renewal fee, but what if you could have taken that $3,000 and purchased a domain, and sold it for $6,000. Does holding out for that $4,000 still make sense now? A lot of domainers have a number in their head and they stick to that number and the don’t seem to consider the opportunity cost of doing so. I’m not telling anyone to sell their domains for less than they want to, but I am saying are you considering alternative scenarios or are you being very nearsighted?
Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks – good name for a company that does identity theft related products/services. – WordPress is trademarked and they don’t want you using it in domain names, they say to use “wp” instead, so this is a good name for a plugin if you are making a notification plugin. – 10 year old domain and says it got 3,600 visitors in the past month (which could be very lucrative in the FX niche). – what’s more popular than streaming right now? Good name if you’re going to build out a site, or be a Netflix affiliate and get people to sign up. – it is an “s” short of being the real deal, but for a fan of another SEC team this is a good domain to take a dig at Auburn on. – would be a good domain for a humor site to take people’s quotes out of context and turn them into something that they did not intend. – start a site for people to sell their used clothes to other people. – home schooling would be better but this one is still pretty good. – another forex domain, they are hot. – could give advice on how to start a C Corporation, or provide the paperwork, or whatever. I’m sure the PPC ads pay a good amount for this keyword. – coupon sites will never go away, make people believe you are posting exclusive discounts and they’ll line up at your feet. – a sidecar is a drink, it is also that little extension on a motorcycle where someone can sit.

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