You know when you come across a domain name you love and you wish nobody else found it but of course everyone else does… got one of those on the list today… Love the name. Already got a bunch of bids on it so it won’t be going cheap in the end though.
Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks – killer product domain name. Not much else needs to be said for it. – good name for a music sites that let’s you pick your own playlist. – “Click” + keyword .com can be a good domain if the keyword is solid and makes sense… – good name to put a guide out on, either sell it or build an email list. – you can never go wrong with a product .com domain. Either a manufacturer, supplier, or retail store will want the domain,and if worse comes to worse you can sell the product on the best possible domain for it out there. – speaking of things you can’t go wrong with, you can never ever go wrong with a monster burger. Load up the cheese, ketchup, and pickles. – in case you’re looking to buy more then one. – the “got milk?” campaign has opened up the door for everyone else to do a ‘got’ campaign. – hmmmm, wonder what type of site this would be. The only question is do you make the content free and sell ad space, or do you have no ads and charge a membership fee. – I think this belongs as part of the adult underground. – great domain name for a vacation/travel site. Even though it is a .net it still deserves more than 2 bidders.

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