I told you yesterday if you were a betting man then you should bet the Ravens. If you listened you can buy some domains today with your winnings and there’s a decent list today of domains going to auction.

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Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks

spsp.com – repeating premium letters, sounds good to me.

harvardlawreview.com – the official site is on the .org for the school law paper. Not sure if “Harvard” is a trademarked term or not, if not then this might get some typo traffic, if it is trademarked then watch out cause you’ll have the best and the brightest coming after it.

urnsales.com – if you deal in death then this domain might interest you.

bestinblog.com – best in show is a common term for dog shows, best in blog would be great domain to give away blog awards on.

suwo.com – another CVCV.com. Why do people let these expire, I’m guessing they either died or they changed emails and did not receive the renewal notice.

indianaforeclosures.com – people make a good living buying foreclosures and flipping them.

alabamaforeclosures.com – if you’re in this market you get to bid on two domains today.

gocheese.com – kinda catchy, kinda cheesy.

mosaics.org – if you sell mosaics then this is the third best domain for you (I like the .net more then the .org for commercial sites).

randomdating.com – sounds like a fun concept, you could get set up with a 10 or a 2, it’s a game of chance.

orderform.com – every commercial site has one. Good domain to sell order form scripts on me thinks.

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