Nice list of domains today to kick off the week. Lesson learned by me and might be useful for you… I had an offer on a domain and after some back and forth the potential buyer offered mid four figures for the domain. I put together a pretty agressive sales pitch and data and was trying to get upper four figures. They told me a time or three that they couldn’t go that high but I had a good feeling I was dealing with a company so I held firm and told them I was willing to hold the domain for the next 20 years until I got the price I was looking for. Yeah, they walked. I tried to send an email after two weeks of not hearing back from them but no dice. I pressed my luck on the domain and lost, lesson learned. If a potential buyer tells you they reached their max and they say it a few times you should really consider at that point what is the likelihood of getting significantly more from someone else in the future. In retrospect I wish I took the offer but I came away with a valuable lesson instead.

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Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks – love that the first two letters spell “Go”, now if there was a good use for that Q. – sell gift cards to Las Vegas Spas and keep 10% commission for yourself. – nice solid one word .com domain, not as good as bored but still has some good value. – I think the domain name is OK, but I can see a site filled with pictures of beautiful atheletes getting a ton of traffic. – tons of end users that use this in their business or product name. – another spa domain today, good name for a site to buy spa packages at a discount on. – I actually have to get myself a pair of these, not feeling it too much with the .org but it’s better than nothing. – useable name for a sperm bank. – the domains coming to auction have been slowing down… less supply and equal demand means the prices should climb if that continues. – big name in the diabetic world. – there’s a lot of businesses looking to set up offshore offices due to lower salary expense. Good domain to offer guidance for a price.

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