If you’ve contacted end users before then you know how many of them reply saying that they’d like the domain but they only want to pay $100 or $200. Well that normally doesn’t fly when you’re looking for four figures or more and some potential buyers do not understand domain name pricing so you’ll never get anywhere with them. I would guess that most domainers when they can’t reach a price with someone move on and shut the door on that buyer… but why? He was willing to pay $100-$200 or whatever for a domain, maybe you can find a good variation of the domain you offered that is not registered yet and do a quick flip. Nothing wrong with spending $9 on a hand reg and selling it for $150 in a matter of minutes. Of course it won’t work every time but you may be able to add a few extra sales a week using this little tip.
Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks

longhornranch.com – I’d imagine that this is a popular name down in Texas.

jog.org – a meaningful LLL.org. Would make a nice name for jogging tips, trail locations, and overall health and exercise advise.

cardcounter.com – the best name to sell an ebook on how to count cards and use that to your advantage in casino games like blackjack.

.info Auction – put this link here yesterday I’ll leave it up until the auction closes, lots of top notch .info domains being auctioned off for the first time.

1mm.com – I’m not a fan of CCC.com’s when it is a LNL.com but sometimes I’ll take a look at NLL.com or LLN.com if the letters are good and the number is 1.

radiorepair.com – perfect domain for someone who fixes antique radios or high end radios.

blogincome.com – good name for a blog on how to earn income online or a Clickbank ebook sales site.

testiq.com – obviously IQTest would be better but that one is not dropping and this one is so you’ll have to make due with it. On the bright side this will be a hell of a lot cheaper and it still makes sense.

bolt.org – last name of the fastest guy in the world, also makes a nice brandable domain, also there was a Pixar or Disney movie with the name, also… yeah, that’s all I got.

retainingwall.net – there’s companies out there that do this as their bread and butter, especially in rainy areas.

floridattorney.org – they got some bucks to spend on a solid domain name, don’t let them fool you.

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