After two weeks of back and forth negotiations through Sedo I just closed a deal to sell a domain name. The domain is parked on the DomainNameSales platform with the “For Sale” banner at the top of the site. DNS makes it much more transparent for a person to make an educated guess who they are dealing with while Sedo’s platform offers the veil of anonymity. If the buyer had contacted me through the DNS platform the price I’d be trying to get would be less then I ask on Sedo because I have to pay Sedo the 15% commission. Likewise, if I know all this and I know the buyer is more concerned with protecting their anonymity I can make an educated guess that I’m dealing with a company instead of an individual. Of course this won’t be the case every time, but to me it makes sense logically. And as most (if not all) domainers do, when I think I’m dealing with a company my pricing expectations just jumped a few notches. So they got their desired anonymity… for a price.

Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks – sounds a little like Wii, also has an Asian sounding ring to it. My guess is $1,500. – Google shows us that there’s quite a few possible end users out there for this guy. – this domain name had been bid up to $6k but now it is down to $10 as it looks like those bids got erased. I had to look at this one closely because at first glance it looked like and I wonder if people were bidding thinking it was a It’s also an “o” away from a big keyword. – at this price range I’m no longer a bidder. I prefer to stick to the expiring auctions on GoDaddy cause I’ve seen a lot of shady stuff going on within the Seller Public Auctions. – when I saw this domain I thought “to dos” like a to do list. But you also have companies and sites that use this as their business name or part of it. – when poker gets legalized this would be a nice domain name to list local poker events on. – any New Jersey locals here? Superbowl is coming to NJ next year. – does anyone watch the news anymore or has everyone shifted over to watching the Naked News nowadays? – good plastic surgeon domain name. – would be a good marketing domain for GoDaddy to get customer feedback on or promote positive customer experience stories on. – city in PA if you like GEO domains.

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