We’re going to say goodbye to one year and hello to a new year and what that means (at least for me) is I will need to write down my goals for the upcoming year. Haven’t spent any time doing that yet but by the end of today it will be done and for tomorrow’s post I will share what my 2013 domaining goals are. Here’s today’s list…

My Top Picks

tshirtsoutlet.com – people love selling tshirts because they are cheap to make and so the profit margin is very attractive.

cosmeticsurgeryinsurance.com – I guess you can get your boob job in comfort knowing if they mess up you’ll be covered.

jamaicavacations.com – solid travel niche domain name, I actually like this way this sounds more then the popular “Visit” + Geo (i.e. VisitJamaica).

shoegeek.com – this definitely is not me, but some people go gaga for shoes. And they have a closet full of them.

richmondjobs.com – all the good (and most of the crappy) GEO+Jobs.com are taken. As a result you can expect quite a few bidders when a good one comes up for auction.

periodically.com – single word dot com always have value somewhere to someone.

detroitcity.com – nice brandable domain. You know what I found very interesting, the home prices in Detroit. I don’t know what $389k buys you in your area, but in Detroit you can get a 8,000+ square foot home: http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/19400-Parkside-St_Detroit_MI_48221_M46375-65638 .

My Top Picks with Less Than 10 Bidders

humanface.com – why get face.com when it is so generic, I mean it could be about a monkey face, or an alien face, or a fish face. But this domain is spot on specific, people know that it’ll be about a human face.

creature.org – what the hell is anyone going to do with a .org that is about a creature? I have no idea but I bet you someone will pay a couple hundred bucks for it.

vegasaccommodations.com – nice name for a Vegas travel site. I even checked to make sure that there’s supposed to be two C’s and two M’s and yup, spelt correctly.

vacationhosts.com – interesting to know that regular people rent out a room in their house and they are referred to as vacation hosts. I guess it makes sense in a place like Newport, RI where the average hotel room costs $400/night.

lifepromotions.com – good brandable domain for a promotional company.

My Darkhorse Pick (a domain I think you can snatch cheap and sell for over $1,000)

innovatives.com – you know what company could use this domain, the one that has that TV ad that goes “we don’t make the stereo, we make the stereo sound better, we don’t make the TV, we make the TV clearer” or something like that. Yeah, well that company should buy this.

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