When you are looking for potential end users and doing searches in Google for keywords to see what website owners you could market your domain to, you should also check out the Google Adwords Keywords tool so you can get related keywords or phrases to search in Google. If you’re trying to sell the domain BlueCar and you are just searching in Google for “blue car” and “car” you are missing out on literally tens or hundreds of potential buyers by not using similar keywords. Another tool I use is a synonym checker. This would tell you to search for keywords using “vehicle”, “auto”, “automobile”, etc… In short, finding the most potential buyers gives you the greatest probability of selling your domain, and unless you own the creme of the crop single word .com’s then playing the statistics game is a good game to play.

Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks

linkserver.com – two popular keywords put together plus the fact that it is a 17 year old domain gets it on today’s list.

policebike.com – in beach towns you may happen to see police riding the police bike with their little shorts on (avert your eyes).

madey.com – not a bad 5L.com. Also helps that it is 15 years old.

OKtoday.com – it rhymes, it’s 17 years old, and that’s all I’ve got.

auburntiger.com – it is an “s” short of being the real deal, but for a fan of another SEC team this is a good domain to take a dig at Auburn on.

blingbar.com – there’s actual products named this, also would make a great name if a rapper opens up a bar.

theHormones.com – could be a site about female hormone changes, quite a few companies have products relating to this.

douse.com – it’s a one word .com alright, though the only time I hear this word used is in those news stories where someone doused someone with gasoline and lit them on fire.

alos.com – by VCVC.com standards this is a pretty damn good one.

moneyonline.com – everyone wants to learn how to make money online. You can sell them all an ebook for $10 a pop and bring in thousands if you get enough affiliates to promote it.

pacey.com -first name, think it was a character’s name on Dawson’s Creek.

concentrated.com – maybe the OJ industry wants this domain, maybe not since when OrangeJuice.com was up for sale it did not sell to an end user.

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