Got some nice domains on the list today including SocialMedia. Can’t believe someone would let that expire in today’s social media driven internet.
Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks – most website owners like to check their backlinks and this is a good domain name to start a service on. – great name to start a site that covers all the social media sites. – looks like this used to be someone’s site as it gets over 11k visitors a month in this highly lucrative niche. – four letter pronounceable dot com domain is a good investment in my book. – a rare siting on Namejet, a that does not have a reserve price. – lots of news the past year about product labels and people really taking the time to read them and complain about things. Now people are complaining about an ingredient in Gatorade. Don’t they wanna be like Mike? – I’ll take a wild stab out of left field and say this means “idiot” in Spanish. Yes, that was sarcasm. – a bracelet that connects via bluetooth to your phone to play music, take your heartrate, tell you when a hot chick is by, I see it doing it all. – if you don’t mind the .org this is a good domain to sell tailgating supplies on. – sounds like a nice brandable name for one of those payday loan sites. – if you’re a realtor in Denmark catering to English speaking clients then this is a good domain for you.

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