It’s not every day that you see a 20 year old domain come up for auction but we got one on the list today. Think of if you could go back 20 years and buy domain names. Would you rather have the winning Powerball ticket for $500 million or would you rather go back 20 years and be able to buy domains? Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks – brandable or could be a club directory of all the Vegas clubs. Put some Vegas hotel affiliate links on the site to earn some revenue. – if you want to run a model picture site this is a sweet domain name to do it on. I will be your first official unique visitor. – everyone is afraid of everything crashing so having an online backup of your pictures, files, music, etc… is desireable. – you could sell kits for people to build their own whatever (model cars, radio receivers, computer, etc…). – typo for Speedo so there may be some traffic flowing in on this one. Also a good pronounceable on its own. – would make a good app name for a bootstrapped startup, and since it is a .net they can afford it. – legal domains are good if you have Adsense because of the high CPC for legal search terms. – nice brandable domain, also would make a good name for the site of a online news program about NYC. – 20 year old domain up for auction here. Think of all the domains that were available 20 years ago. Now think that someone bought this one instead of a single word .com. – like the easy to say four letter .com’s. Sounds like a skateboard company or a sneaker company. – pronounceable domain. This one does have a reserve and it is not met yet with high bid at $400. – yeah, I wish the “s” wasn’t there, but what can you do. Still a solid pickup as people search for hotel coupon codes online every day of the week.

One comment on “The Best Upcoming Auctions – Sunday Edition (20 Year Old Domain in the List)

  • If I go back 20 years, can I know what I know now? I only want 4 names,,, and If I go back and I am as dumb as I was back then, I wouldn’t know to buy them.

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