There’s a couple of very solid auctions running at Snapnames right now that already started (so you can’t jump in) but regardless it will be interesting to see what they end at. A few that I’m keeping my eye on…,,,, and

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Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks – this guy is 14 years old and gets a couple hundreds visitors a month (assuming from the mispelling of Rhodes Scholars). – dancestudio would be better be a lot of end users call their place a “Studio of Dance” so this one isn’t that bad. – I think domains that have Keyword+Blog are solid investments as long as it makes sense. – if you sell this stuff then this is the domain to do it on. 14 years old which will help in the rankings. – one way of spelling the first name, and I like first name domains. – makes great sense for an anytime service locksmith. And they can pay up for the domain because they charge an arm and a leg for those 2:00 a.m. house calls. – yes, some people need help adding their assets and liabilities together to calculate their net worth and those folks would come onto your site. – like the domain names. – don’t think you can make money with abs? The site has made the owner 7 figures. It has consistently year after year been one of the top selling products on Clickbank. – has the sound of a great brandable domain name. – people will always come to the internet for help with their relationship. Good domain name for a site filled with tips and affiliate offers.

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