There’s a lot of people who jump into domaining and just start buying things or who hesitate on buying things because of lack of confidence. In today’s list I give an example of a domain that I think is a classic example of what new guys should be doing. Understanding before you do can save you a ton of money and time. I wanted to point this example out today because of an email conversation I had with a guy new to domaining a few days ago. He was asking for a little guidance and he pointed out some expired domains coming in auction, but they only had 1 bid each on them and so he was hesitant about placing a bid. His rational was that if the domains were any good then why wasn’t more people bidding on them. I looked at the short list he had and told him he should bid on every one of them. Just because a domain has a few bids (or even no bids) does not mean it sucks. It could very well suck but another scenario is that maybe nobody else (or very few people) have identified this opportunity. Just doing a quick 60 second check can tell you if there would be immediate end user potential on a domain, and if that people is with a local business, an individual person, or a large company.
Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks – good name for an app for movie previews. – nice brandable, 16 years old, already gets a couple hundred visitors a month in traffic. – here’s a great example for how someone new to domaining can start out and make a few bucks. This domain name has one bidder with a bid of $10 and the auction expires in a little over a day. Looking in Google the first two results for the phrase “classic cut” are sites and They are both salons and not a huge brand so the owners most likely will not pay $10k to upgrade their domain, but if you can buy this for under $50 and sell it for somewhere in the $200-$500 range (more likely closer to $200) you just made a decent profit. Looking on to the second page of Google there’s other potential end users also. It takes time to scan the lists and to check keywords in Google so the people who do this will be able to spot little gems out there like this one and profit on them. Just because there’s only one bidder doesn’t diminish the value of the domain. I saw the domain, I thought it would make a great brandable domain, I checked Google to see if any businesses already had this same thought, and then I confirmed my thoughts that it is a good domain to bid on.

.info Auction – put this link here the other day and I’ll leave it up until the auction closes, lots of top notch .info domains being auctioned off for the first time. – great name for a personal blog of a marketing professional. Could also be used by a recruiting agency that specializes in marketing job. – could be used as a fishing related site. There’s eel soup, eel sushi, stir fried eel, eel gumbo, eel on a stick… – solid name, is what it says it is. – good name for a humanitarian use to bring to light the use of sweatshops and force companies to abandon doing business with manufacturers that use them. – these guys pulls in tons of money. Build a solid directory and then offer some of them the chance to be an exclusive advertiser on the site. – great name in the dating niche, could also be a flirting app name. – lots of web based brokers and so few top notch domains for them to operate on.

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