With the legalization of marijuana and with domain name investing I never realized how many different names there are for it. Wondering what people think the best name is from a domain standpoint, would you want to invest in domains that have marijuana, pot, weed, reefer, bud, hash, cannabis, cush, etc… in it? It is pretty insane when you think about it how many names there are for it. I personally think marijuana is much harder to spell and potheads want something easy, so I’d go with weed or pot but wondering if anyone else has any different perspectives. Here’s today’s list…

My Top Picks

nowar.com – there will always be a special interest group or political cause group that would find good use for this domain name.

alishia.com – not the most popular spelling but still a first name .com domain which is always a good buy.

forexexperts.com – “forex” domains sell. Should be a few grands for this one I’d think.

luver.com – it sounds more sexy with a “u” anyways, plus you’ll save a few hundred thousand dollars.

babouche.com – you learn something new every day, these are slippers in some countries.

bouldermortgage.com – this market may be heating up big time with the legalization of marijuana.

asox.com – could be a potentially great name for a white sox or red sox fan site.

boxup.com – great brandable domain for a moving/packing company.

My Top Picks with Less Than 10 Bidders

nassauvacations.com – Bahamas are always a great place to travel, tons of cruises going there year round.

cashmagnet.com – nice Clickbank type of domain name to sell an ebook or coaching course on.

latenightpoker.com – I thought there was a TV show named this, regardless I like the name, especially when poker becomes legal (might take 10 years).

luxurycarrentals.com – there’s high end luxury companies out there for those who want to drive a Ferrari for a day. If they are renting out those types of cars I’m sure they could afford this domain.

itconnections.com – good brandable domain for a startup company to build their business on.

My Darkhorse Pick (a domain I think you can snatch cheap and sell for over $1,000)

zoopedia.com – if you love animals and want to create the largest animal resource site around this is the domain to do it on.

5 comments on “The Best Upcoming Auctions – Sunday Edition & What Are You Smoking?

  • I was thinking about this a few weeks ago and thought MaryJane.com would be the one name I would like to own in this space. Too bad they will only consider bids over $75,000

  • I also like the word Ganja. Not sure if it has the same broad appeal as any of the other names, but it sure does sound cool. It would be easy to snatch up some hand reg names with this word in it too.

  • @RD- what about MaryJaneDispensary.com?

    Surprised no one has mentioned 420. Yeah, from a domainers point, it may not look great in a domain, nor will it pass the radio test. However, I don’t know too many pot heads that are in to domains. Talk about easy to spell and remember.

  • @sergio – I did consider some variations of MaryJane like MaryJanePipes.com and MaryJaneBongs.com but I really prefer names to be as generic as possible. 420.com would also be great to have too… Forgot about that one.

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