Superbowl Sunday is here, always a lot of exposure for the domain name industry when GoDaddy runs their ad with girls in skimpy clothing. If you’re a betting man I’d go with the Ravens plus the points (I think they win outright but the points are a safety net).

And don’t forget that GoDaddy is running a promotion good from now until February 12th where you will get 47% off your order. Click HERE to Activate

Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks – some people like to collect even if they are undesireable letters. Myself, for $4k I’d rather have a great domain. – this one you might be able to use for a site on Ex-Boyfriends. Imagine all the griping going on within that site. – sounds like a new product, everything is ‘smart’ nowadays, smartphones, smart tvs, smart computers. – cool sounding domain name, also has some results in Google for possible end users. – great name for a NY Yankees fan to pick up. – there will always be the nuts claiming the end of the world is next Wednesday. Good domain to sell them an ebook on. – every women wants tone legs, sell some cream that claims to do the job and make millions before the FDA shuts you down. – this sure sounds cool, kinda like Sharks with lasers on their heads (Austin Powers). – create a search technology company and sell it to Yahoo or Bing who are desperate to catch up to the Big G. – there’s a lot of places that say they specialize in local SEO. Good name for one of them to operate on. – not a bad name if you develop a new way for web designers to upload to their servers via mobile devices.

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