Judging from some of the comments on my Groupon post last night looks like Groupon is giving the stiff job to multiple people including closing accounts that have referral credit $’s in there which results in them being voided to the people who earned them. I’m sure Groupon was pumped about people buying so many GoDaddy Groupons (I mean this happened for over a week and they could have put an end to it at any time) but my guess is that they knowingly did not and when GoDaddy complained to them is when the proverbial shit hit the fan. Groupon has been steadily losing business to the multitude of daily deal sites that have popped up and are still popping up so closing accounts seems like a ballsy move on their part. Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks

heja.com – nice CVCV.com to kick it off. This one goes off the board in under 2 hours so bid on it before it’s too late.

isalad.com – the next big app, I can see it now, iSalad.

spartans.org – good name if you are a Michigan State fan or you like Gerard Butler’s breakout movie.

detain.com – I don’t have a good idea for this one, maybe a mugshots type of site?

flung.com – nice one word domain, commercial value close to nil but could be used as a comedy site.

diseased.com – teach people how not to become diseased. Have an airborne and use a condom.

fightreview.com – solid name for a boxing site where you can give pre and post fight commentary.

com24.com – people like domains with the numbers 24, 360, 365, 247 after them.

bestbabyproducts.com – this domain is no baby at 15 years old, this niche has people overspending as people like to buy things for babies. Great name for a baby product review site.

onlinegraphicdesign.com – good pay in graphic design so someone should be able to pony up some bucks to buy this domain off you.

termed.com – it’s 13 years old, ‘term’ is an insurance niche word so maybe a plan on that.

freecustomers.com – every business wants these so if you put something clever on the site you might be able to get some high traffic.

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