What was your take on the live auction yesterday? $565k is a nice amount, but when $460k of that was for 2 domains it dampens it. Those two high sales went to online bids so it shows the importance of allowing people to bid online on live auctions, otherwise we’d be talking about results that were around $100k instead.

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Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks

clipshack.com – 21,000 monthly visits means you’ll get some nice traffic if you can monetize it.

tattoous.com – good name for a tattoo shop or a tattoo marketing campaign or a 2 for the price of 1 tattoo deal.

journalism.net – nice name that should be worth four figures.

monnalisa.com – it’s a 15 year old typo that gets over 700 visitors a month.

jale.com – if you like CVCV.com domains you’ve been in heaven recently as a lot of them have been popping up.

imaginations.com – like the name, hold it until a company wants to do a marketing campaign and then cash out.

ihookah.com – never tried hookah though I love a good cigar.

survivorgear.com – I’d prefer ‘survival gear’ but this is not a bad alternative.

lowpriceseats.com – create a marketplace where people who need to dump their tickets are willing to sell under face value. You’ll get a ton of buyer traffic.

lowflow.com – saw this name and immediately thought of the Seinfeld episode where they had the low flow shower heads/pressure.

executivembaprograms.net – these are expensive for people to do so the affiliate commissions I would think are pretty high.

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