If you’ve been bidding on Snapnames and Namejet for a while you may be familiar with this (or maybe not) but it definitely has helped me in the past… if I’m bidding any kind of significant money on a domain I will Google the username of the main person bidding against me. There’s lots of historical auction results out there so I can almost always find a domain name that this person has previously won. I do a Whois on that domain and now I know who I’m bidding against. If you subscribe to a place that allows you to do a reverse whois you can take that person’s email and see the other domains they own. From there it is pretty easy to tell if you’re bidding against a pro or against a newbie. I won’t get into my specific strategies from there, but knowing that information helps me formulate my bidding strategy quite a bit.

Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks

stardom.com – love the name and the fact that it is 17 years old is a great bonus.

backtaxes.com – when people have to pay them they get desperate so I’m sure there will be a ton of searches for this phrase around the March-June timeframe.

PaintEasy.com – good name for a painting product that simplifies the painting process.

automotivecrew.com – got a bunch of friends that are car guys… start a question/answer type site on this domain and put some car insurance affiliate offers on it to cash in.

vultures.com – tons of these online and they are annoying as hell.

rockclimbers.com – it’s a nice domain, but how many rock climbers are there out there? I would think this is a small population.

mybar.com – people love their local bar. Let people talk up their favorite local bars. Would be a great resource for people visiting an area they are not familiar with to find out where to go hang at night.

registeryourdomainname.com – if you want to make some affiliate commissions with GoDaddy here’s your domain name to do it on.

skape.com – sounds like Skype so I’m a fan, maybe develop some kind of add on or app that could be used with Skype.

twigger.com – and this one reminds me of Twitter so I like it to be used as a Twitter related tool.

hedgefund.biz – rarely do you see a .biz make it on the list but this industry has so much money I’m sure one of those guys would want this domain as an ego thing.

2 comments on “The Best Upcoming Auctions – Thursday Edition

  • Why does everyone get excited over aged domains? Unless a domain name is sold with historical parking revenue data or potential revenue stats, then age seems meaningless. If stardom.com was registered yesterday I would still like the name, so for me it is a pointless stat.

    • @RD

      I guess then it depends if you are of the opinion whether or not Google takes domain age into consideration when ranking sites. I personally think it is a factor. Also, when I’m selling a domain name if the domain has age to it I almost always use that as a selling point… “This domain was registered 15 years ago and I’m just putting it on the market, once it gets sold it may be off the market for another 15 years or longer”… It may give the buyer a little sense of urgency or willingness to pay more.

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