Before we get into the list here’s something I read about that was interesting… a guy worth tens of millions of dollars that won’t spring for a great domain name to start his business on. I’m talking about Tiki Barber of New York Giants fame. He is the co-founder of a business that I actually think is a great idea and could do pretty well. The business let’s people hire current and former athletes for a speaking event, a round of golf, an instructional session, etc… If you go on the website you’ll see it is a pretty sweet website. Looks nice, easy to use, definitely spent the bucks on the site development. Where he failed in my opinion is the name of his business… Say what?

I came across his business when I saw him doing an AMA on Reddit. You can find that here if want to learn how much he squats or what he does in his spare time now. What I found especially entertaining was when someone asked him how he came up with the name Thuzio. His response to the question was “Random….short for Enthusiasts. No rights issues.” I am failing to see how Thuzio is short for enthusiasts. It also isn’t an easy to remember name. I read the Reddit article a few weeks ago and today when I wanted to talk about it I could not remember his site’s name so I had to use Google to find it. The domain name is for sale so either he didn’t try typing it into the browser, or he requested a quote and was put off by the price, not sure which. If I had to guess I’d say this is a mid to upper five figure name so he definitely should have had no bankroll issues with it. At any rate, I just found it amusing that it seems like he’s done everything right except the most important part… picking a great domain name.

Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks – 16 years old so he can get a license. Good name for an email service. – maybe it’ll get some typo traffic for ‘key’. – another 16 year old domain. I love the old domain names that make sense. – geeky is cool in today’s tech filled world. Good name for girls to find a ‘nerd’ on. I think there was a reality show a while ago based on this premise… yup, Beauty and the Geek. – everybody loves free, and second most everybody loves cheap. Especially for servers which are quite pricey. – a site that Tiki should have visited prior to picking his business’ name. – hot niche paying big commissions, love the name at the right price. – a first name, a last name, double the potential end users. – the main character of The Da Vinci Code loved these. – you could either go the porn route or the breast augmentation route. – perfect name for a doctor directory site, or a lead gen site.

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