It seems like nobody shares their negotiation tips but I don’t mind sharing one every now and again. If you have a domain name that has some age to it use that to your advantage. You have a domain that is 10 or 15 years old, well that is a great card you can play in the negotiation process. How do I play that card? I use a line that goes something like “This domain was registered in 2000 so it is 13 years old. I have not been holding onto this domain for 13 years to let it go for that price. I’d rather just hold it for another 13 years until the right person comes along and is willing to pay what it is worth.” You can obviously use a variation of that or fine tune it. I find it is a highly effective card to play to let them know how long the domain has been sat on, it shows them that you are very patient and they better pay what it is worth or they should move on.
Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks – not a bad name for a Twitter based Clickbank ebook or a software product. – tons of hosting companies, if any of them are in Bulgaria then they’d do well to grab this domain. – solid brandable domain in the highly competitive mortgage market. – 14 year old domain and the keywords are just as nice. – 16 year old domain in the health niche with currently zero bidders. – looks like the guy who owned the doctors domain is letting this guy drop too, 16 years old as well. – 15 years old, and would make a great name for a site on George Washington. – a double 9, that is second best after a double 8. – first name domains are always a good investment. – could be used for a ‘used’ goods site. Much cheaper then ‘’ but you’d probably lose a lot of type in traffic. – the credit market is huge because people want what they can’t afford so they buy it on credit and after 10 years they paid $10,000 for something that cost $1,500 because of all the interest. – good name for a car company to get some leasing business on.

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  • Hi, I like your negotiation tip, psychology plays a big part in negotiation and I agree if you mention domain age it does strengthen your position. It tells the potential buyer you are not interested in a quick profit, you believe in the domain and will only sell at a price that reflects your belief.

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