One important line that you will want to add to your emails out to perspective buyers that I use will increase your response rate significantly. I have been tweaking my email out to people this past month and the one line that I added (which seems so simple yet I didn’t have it in there at first) has gotten me in contact with the appropriate person many times within a company. That line is “If you are not the appropriate person can you please forward this email to the correct person”. When I’m searching for leads and using the “Top 20 sites on Google for the keyword” method I’m sending emails out to the whois admin email listed. I believe in the beginning a lot of the guys listed just let my email die with them. By adding that line I feel like it put some responsibility on them to forward the email along and my response rate has gotten much better. Here’s today’s list…

My Top Picks – trendy spelling of bummer. – this one will cost a lost. You can list every seating chart in the world here along with an API feed (through your affiliate link) to tickets for sale at each venue. Instant money maker. – if you don’t have enough cash to buy the one with the “e” this is a decent alternative. – I am not a fan of brandable .net domain names, but product .net domain names I like. – nice brandable domain for car, health, life insurance quotes. – like the letters. Ends with a R is a good thing. – two sevens will increase the value, the four will drop the value, still, a $1,500-$2,000 domain I think. – short and pronounceable.

My Top Picks with Less Than 10 Bidders – good domain for the owner of that new trading stock trading platform that executes trades in fractions of a second. – Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Redbox, and more offer streaming services. – I’m sure a ton of people would be interested in seeing a list of preforeclosure homes. – lots of check websites, this one would let you design your own check background. – the more popular term is destination wedding but I think for the price this is a good runner up for someone with a tighter budget.

My Darkhorse Pick (a domain I think you can snatch cheap and sell for over $1,000) – could be a nice directory site for homesitters to offer their services. Charge $10 per listing per month.

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