I rang up my first completed sale of the year yesterday, nothing to write home about as it was a low four figure sale (can’t mention the name as the buyer asked me to keep the sale info private which I always respect when requested), but nice return on something that cost me under $150. Now if I can just do that about 100 more times this year I’d be a happy camper. Here’s today’s list…

My Top Picks

bajas.com – tons of businesses are name Bajas or use Bajas in their name so this would be a nice shortened site name for them.

foc.net – say it out loud, but not if you’re at work.

boatinsurers.com – all boat owners say boat stands for “Break Out Another Thousand”. I would guess the boat insurance market is a competitive place to be.

themobile.com – mobile is hot and here to stay. Not a fan of “the” in front of it but someone will buy it.

marriagesupport.com – great name for a marriage counselor to brand his business under.

smartdate.com – could be a place for intellectuals to find each other and wander off to eat a bunch of caramels.

datingpackage.com – two ideas for this guy, you could either put together a physical package and sell that to people who need some dating help (like a guide book, massage oil, etc…) or you could try to work with the different dating websites like Match.com and uhhh, whatever else there is and try to offer a package deal at a discount to people.

nonews.com – is good news or so they say. Would be a nice name for a news humor site like The Onion.

My Top Picks with Less Than 10 Bidders

unwound.com – maybe a luxury spa or a high end vacation spot.

leftism.com – could put up funny quotes throughout history from the left side politicians.

absession.com – for people who are fixated on their abs, it’s their absession, their absession.

newyorkburrito.com – it’s 16 years old, and you can never find a good burrito in New York.

recipehound.com – if you like buying expired names with traffic this one says it got almost 7,700 visitors in the past month.

My Darkhorse Pick (a domain I think you can snatch cheap and sell for over $1,000)

stocksinsider.com – instant brand for a stock website, and there’s tons of people who do those types of sites.

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