You learn something new every day. The Namejet auction for is closing today and the current bid is $40k (reserve not yet met). Before the auction if I was to guess at what people would bid for this I would not have been anywhere near the ballpark. As a result I learn from it. If I owned the domain I would have priced it horribly and left a ton of money on the table. Being able to accurately price domains is an art not a science so whenever you are able to glean some good information you should do so and learn from it.
Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks – these are shirts for the manly man who is outdoors all day. They’d need to be tear proof (or as close as possible) and there would never be the colors pink or purple in any of them. – Israel is a technology start up hotbed so there could be a tech firm there that falls in love with this name. – there might be a company down under that thinks this is a good name for their advertising business. Did you know that the water in a toilet bowl swirls opposite the way it does here (North America) in Australia? That’s a fun fact of the day. – nothing worse then having a cup of coffee and it sits there and gets cold because you get caught up in something… Place your mug on a coffee warmer and keep that coffee warm. – they say that information is the most valuable commodity. – a few different meanings of the word ‘drag’ gives you a few different crowds of end users to potentially contact. – if you sell fireplaces or fireplace accessories this is a good domain to build a site on. – the 4 is ‘bad’ but there’s two of them so that makes it better. I own a few domains and honestly I rarely get a real offer on them. Normally I get an email that someone probably sent out to every owner out there and those junk emails are very easy to spot. – not sure what you could do on this domain, but it is a one word .com domain so there’s value there. – maybe a site about sports, or a blog for someone who always dominates their competition. – great name for a catering business in a big city. I think “City Catering” would fit much nicer on a storefront than something like “New York City Catering”. – there’s a lot of people who sell high PR links and they sell them for good money so this domain name might help them increase their sales by a few multiples.

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