I went out yesterday and there were three domains I was going after so I put in my highest proxy bids and went out the door. Surprisingly the best of the three I won as nobody else bid on it for the rest of the day, and the two that my proxy was significantly higher then the current bid I ended up losing. I’m OK with that though as I think the one I won will be a very nice flip.
Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks

exc.com – it’s a LLL.com, it is 19 years old, it gets around 1,300 visitors a month. Winner winner chicken dinner.

studentauction.com – great name for students to auction stuff on and use the money for school events (i.e. proms, new track, etc…).

cadonline.com – cad software is expensive and selling it through affiliate links could pay off some of your bills.

.info Auction – put this link here yesterday I’ll leave it up until the auction closes, lots of top notch .info domains being auctioned off for the first time. Auction closes in 3 days.

pny.net – ny=new york. PNY is also a company name. Get creative and you’ll do well on this one.

templatecity.com – selling templates is a very lucrative business for some, look at Themeforest.net as a good example.

abcgroup.com – lots of end users for this one.

qualityshirts.com – seriously, would would not want their shirts to be quality? Nothing worse then a shirt getting a hole after one wash.

forgettable.com – put up a site where people can write about their ex-bfs or ex-gfs that are forgettable as a warning to others not to waste their time with them.

threatened.com – could be the next set of Liam Neeson movies when he is done with the Taken series.

varsitybaseball.com – great name for a high school baseball related website. Nobody cares about the junior varsity anyways.

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