You ever submit your domain name to an auction and you get a reply that it doesn’t meet their quality requirements or that your reserve price is too high and then when the auction goes live you see about 30 domains that your domain blew away in both quality and pricing? In the beginning I used to think I just did not understand domain names enough and I thought something was good quality when it wasn’t. Now my thinking is that the auction companies give some special treatment to people and put some crap names and/or high reserves in the auction because they have some kind of special relationship with the domain owner. Not exactly fair but such is life.
Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks – 18 years old domain, could stand for Johnson and Johnson. A quick Google search shows quite a few businesses using JJ in their name. – everyone is always looking for free gas, cheap gas, gas coupons, gas discounts, etc… and it is 14 years old. – geo+autoparts seems like a sensible combination as most people like to buy their auto parts in person. – good 15 year old domain for a company that handles medical billing. – no clue what to do with this one word .com domain but it is a term that most everyone recognizes. – maybe one of the UK domainers will pick this guy up. – I think eventually there will be solar charges for everything as the push for renewable clean energy presses on. – decent baseball related domain name… square up, keep the bat level, follow the ball with your eyes… – the DVD is going the way of the VHS but not for another 10-15 years. – could be a great resource site so when you need some good reasons to do something you’ll have a comprehensive list here. – good name for an auto tech school to pick up and use as a marketing tool.

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