A couple of interesting domains in auction that I’m following, NYG.com is on auction at Namejet and that auction ends today. Current bid is a little under $29k but the reserve has not been met yet. Why wouldn’t the New York Giants buy this? They spend mid six figures on a bench player to sit there for a year, why not pick up a great shortener domain for a fraction of that that they get to keep forever.

Over at Snapnames Glue.com’s current bid is a little over $22k with 2 days to go. Wonder why Elmer’s didn’t pick this up a while ago. If you had to buy one of the two which would you go with?

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Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks

mmagames.com – mixed martial arts is huge so this domain is going to do well.

flipfish.com – only 2 bidders so far, I like the way it sounds, nothing more then a haunch on this one.

jvtv.com – like it cause it ends in “TV”.

instagrams.org – not sure if this word is trademarked or not so you might want to check on that before bidding.

daryl.org – if you like first names because eventually someone will want a vanity domain here you go.

t-1.com – the best one in the series, with Arnold in rare form.

sextexting.com – all the articles call it ‘sexting’ but I guess this might work too. What do I know about these things?

dropshipping.org – people love dropshipping because it is much easier for them then stocking inventory.

storedisplays.com – every big department store has these, good name for a company that specializes in this to pick up.

chelsearealestate.com – GEO+”RealEstate”.com is always a winner.

chromewheels.net – as long as you have 16-25 year old males you’ll have chrome wheels in demand.

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