The Webfest extended auction is going on, started at 30 days and now has 23+ days left. Not sure I get the point of having an auction last 30 days. Nobody else does it and unless they are marketing the auction to potential buyers for 30 days then I see no point. As usual, bidding is slow on Snapnames, highest bid on a domain to meet reserve so far is a whopping $675 for The auctions on Snapnames (not expiring auctions, but aftermarket auctions) platform, format, and whatever else there is really needs a change. They always (in my opinion) perform poorly and instead of improving over time it always seem to be the same. My advice, be WAY more selective on the domains. I’d rather see a list of 30 high quality domains then 100 domains that I need to sort through to filter the crap. And get some advertising for the auction. There’s no excitement about their auctions.

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Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks – if you like collector pop singers then today is your lucky day. My personal take, his music kinda totally absolutely without a doubt sucks. – if only “linsanity” kept going after his move to Houston this domain would be worth a little more. – sounds like a good shopping comparison site name. – musicians and athletes use this phrase a lot. I’d stop hating if they stopped thinking they are the greatest thing since sliced bread to grace the earth with their presence. – nice, and we just saw two domains close above $5k at Namejet, and (though ‘only’ brought in $2,500). – if you want to make a Mugshots type of site this is a good domain name to do it on. – could be a marketing campaign for a food item that has ‘good fat’, which I think is the mono unsaturated, or is it the poly unsaturated, or maybe there is a poly mono unsaturated. – site for lesbians? Just sayin. – the cloud is hot and I’m sure this will sell for a decent price compared to what it was worth pre-cloud days. – if you sell these then this domain name is a great way to expand your business. – we don’t want pictures of hot girls, we want pictures of real hot ones.

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