The gift that will stay with her forever, Nice possible marketing slogan. When you have a domain name and you’re trying to market it to potential end users sometimes they don’t have the vision that you might have on a domain name. One of my sales/negotiation tactics is to help give them that vision if they are lacking it. At the worst, they won’t get it and you wasted a minute, at the best you can open their eyes to something that might just help you close a deal.
Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks – good name for a forum for golfers to get together online. Or a warehouse for golf supplies. – great name for a breast enlargement doctor to own. – flower seeds, marijuana seeds, and ummm other seeds. Lots of possible end users. – nice name if you want to do a cooking blog and have a domain name that makes you look like a pro. – great name if you want to start a site on baseball. Hire a few bloggers, become and watch the traffic roll in. – I like it because of Instagram. Go first to instaglam to find out how to look fabulous before you take your pictures on instagram. – 18 years old. Yeah, that’s all I got. – feeling lucky? Well are ya punk? – sold for big bucks, this one will sell for a fraction of that but still a solid pickup. – all the right keywords but the question is does Google’s algorithm really care or not? – good domain name for an ethnic modeling site. And hispanic girls are hot! – not the best name for a roofing business but if the premium names are used you go with the next best thing.

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