Nice list of domains coming up for auction including’s and a few solid keyword domains. One of the features I like of DomainNameSales is how easy it is to keep track of offers that came in. No more manual spreadsheets for me. I like to go back to a person who made an offer after a while and see if we can rekindle a conversation and doing this is DNS is simple and saves me time.
Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks – 17 years old so it can legally drive. Not a bad network name. – I’m interested to see what the buyer does with this domain. Not sure how I would develop it. – I like the double V’s but not a big fan of the Z.

.info Auction – put this link here yesterday I’ll leave it up until the auction closes, lots of top notch .info domains being auctioned off for the first time. Auction closes in 2 days. – accountants do well for themselves because no one else has the time to understand all the rules and be SOX compliant (or IRS compliant for Tax Accounting). – great I think Chief Operating Officer when I see COO but I’m sure there’s tons of other uses. – if you want to start a forum or blog on domaining this is a nice name to do it on. – super name for an eTrade type of company to own. – I’d guess there are some pretty sweet hotels there to accommodate all the people who visit their cash in their offshore accounts. – such a popular hot niche right now making people tons of money. – if you’ve ever lived near a valley you know the term valley girls.

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