I get emails every so often from domainers asking for my opinion or perspective on something and a common question always relates to pricing. People see the big sales (because that is what makes the news) and they get nervous that they are leaving money on the table by pricing their domains too cheap. What you should consider when pricing your domains is that for every $25,000 sale of a domain that you’d value at $500 occurs it is (I’d say most of the time) because that domain owner priced hundreds or thousands of inquiries similarly and for every XXX or XXXX number of sales that he lost because of the high pricing he manages to get one sale for that price range. You will always see those sales hit the wire but what you won’t see if all the inquiries that went nowhere because of that type of pricing. There is no right/wrong way to do things, it is personal preference, but you should realize that you are only seeing one side of the story.

Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks

uwatch.com – good name for a site on tv shows, or movies, or any type of streaming media that gets watched.

1gg.com – I’m personally not a huge fan of short three character domains that mix numbers and letters so I’m very selective in these, but I like this guy.

AppsShare.com – place for local apps developers to share their beta apps or their free apps that are ad monetized.

tampabaybucs.com – if you’re a fan of the Bucs then you can start a forum on this domain and meet up with fellow fans.

siesta.com – love the name but it will be very pricey. Has a reserve on it so who knows what that is as a lot of the recent Namejet reserves go into the mid to high four figures.

equipmentstorage.com – big equipment sometimes needs a place to store it at. Could be used as a led gen site.

sockpuppets.com – I see a youtube channel that does sock puppets branching off into their own site to capture more target and be able to put up more effective ads.

mypo.com – good domain to sell po boxes on.

cadeals.com – could be a typo for car deals or could be used for Canadian deals.

socialmed.com – good name for a blog on social media, stats, marketing, new sites, etc…

econtests.com – if you want to run a contests site online then this is the second best domain you can do it on.

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