There’s been a noticeable shift in Namejet auctions happening and I kind of like it. There have been tons of high quality domain names up for auction that have reserve prices. I’d say 8 out of every 10 that I watch fail to sell because they did not hit reserve (the reserves are too high IMO for the every day domainer). And the 2 that sell are premium ones that sell for mid five figures. So it’s a tough life out there for the every day domainer on those auctions.

What I like though is that these high reserve auctions are distracting people from the no reserve auctions as I’ve been able to scoop up some domains on the cheap that I know would have sold for more if these reserve auctions were not around. One funny thing I saw was a reserve auction where the reserve was $79. It sold for $79. Really? Too funny.

Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks

These are all no reserve auctions – short, easy to say, and it’s also a last name. – a quick Google search shows there’s some end users out there for this. – domains with no reserves are becoming a rarity nowadays. – easy to say and no reserve. – starts with an 8 ends with a 4. Any Chinese buyers want to give their interpretation if the good number and bad number cancel each other out? – same as above. – name reminds me of a combo of Cells and Genes, good name for a bio company. – could be short for bikini. – besides being a CVCV it is also a GEO domain (Google is your friend). – Cam sites are huge, cam domains I’ve seen sell very well. – now I got that song in my head. – nice CVCV which is also a last name. – if you’re a soccer fan you know this name. – we just saw the premium one word .info auction on GoDaddy where a lot of .info’s sold in the mid four figure range. – ends in ME which is a nice bonus. – it is fun to say this out loud, go ahead, give it a try.

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