Got some strong keyword domains on the list today. In the past I’ve spent more of my time finding domain names to purchase and less time on selling my inventory but I’ve flipped this around the past few weeks and made a concerted effort to be proactive in selling my domains and then using my spare time to search for new domains to buy. The result has been increased sales, nothing spectacular to write home about as most of these sales are in the $500-$1,000 range, but considering my average purchase price on what I’ve been selling is under $100 (and quite a few recent hand reg domains) it is a nice return on my investments.

Here’s today’s list…

My Top Auction Picks

These are all no reserve auctions – people love getting things appraised. You could offer a domain name appraisal service on this guy. Give them a free appraisal and then try to upsell a detailed/in-depth appraisal analysis. – you could go the news route, or Anchorman 2 is coming out soon so there will interest as a result of that.. – auto insurance domains always bring in a good sales price because helping an insurance company acquire a customer can bring a nice commission check in the mail to you. – could be use for gasonline or natural gas in terms of Bronx suppliers/distributors. – people in the Bronx also need/use oil and I’m sure there’s quite a few companies that supply it. – the flex smartphone is a real product. – debt is a high paying niche, love the CPC amounts on niches like this. – one word .com domain, sounds like a magazine name. – what electric company in LA would not love this domain? – no one wants to pay full price at hotels anymore so they are all searching for a hotel discount. – refinancing is a high paying niche, nice name to do lead generation on. – Texas is a big state so I would think wifi would be big there.

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  • How has the selling effort been going? In your last post you said you had flipped your time and put more effort into selling rather than buying more domains. It would be great to read anything you can share about “selling” – the good, the bad, the ugly??

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