At you can now see the quotes that were given for domain names and I personally find it very interesting.? I understand that you never want to leave money on the table and you want to maximize your profit, but some of these quotes make no sense to me. $20-50k $20-50k $20-50k $50-100k $50-100k

And that is just to name a few of the most recent ones.? Compare these quotes to some of the sale prices for some good quality domains at the GreatDomains auction that ended yesterday and you’ll see a huge discrepancy.

I guess if you have these types of quotes and you sell 1% of your domains you are doing very good and can eat lobster 24/7/365, but whenever I inquire about a domain and I get a quote that makes no sense it is offputting to me.? The same if I am offering a domain for sale (let’s say a domain) and I get an offer of $100.

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    • Not sure, unlike other auctions it is hard to see the ending auction price for Great Domains as when the auction for a domain closes the domain goes off the map and so when 50 domains close at the same time you can’t manually track that.

  • “whenever I inquire about a domain and I get a quote that makes no sense it is offputting to me”

    A quote that makes no sense to you may make a lot of sense to the owner of that domain. For example : the name could make a lot more on parking that you’d never be aware of, the name could have previous offers that you are not aware of , the name could have a lot of inquiries and demand you are not aware of, the owner could have paid more or just under the quoted price and is trying to recoup. You just don’t know, but the value you hold for any given domain is not at all what someone else would value a name at.

  • The ‘quotes’ are all fake

    Hilarious how observers believe everything Schillster says as gospel & how they still haven’t got it by now (pure fictitious marketing BS)

    See – you’ve even got the likes of Adam above who thinks everything Schillster touches/owns is pure gold..

  • Absurd pricing….delusional in today’s market, really.

    Its the old ‘hype’ thinking….Say a big number, and people will think: ‘Oh, it MUST be worth that, then…’

    …Works in fast-rising, ‘bubble’ markets – but, invites ridicule in flat, or declining, markets…

    Wait…Are we in a fast-rising market?….Oh, I thought not…

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