I normally keep to myself and ignore what others say because life is too short to get caught up in non-important stuff so this will be my only post on the subject. Everyone in domaining has the right to their opinion, but there always seems to be one guy who enjoys writing about why someone else’s opinion is either wrong or silly or foolish or (insert whatever word here). This person too has a right to their opinion, but he isn’t writing for the sake of writing an opinion, he is writing for the sake of writing a rebuttal. There’s some people who love to disagree and he seems to really enjoy taking the opposite side of what other people think. Do you have nothing else to write about other then critique someone’s point of view? It’s kinda lame and getting old. If you don’t like someone’s opinion then simply do not read their blog. Last time I checked no one appointed you the opinion police. And your ‘holier than thou’ attitude should be reserved for 16 year old kids who don’t know any better instead of a grown man.

I wrote a post earlier today about the top 10 reasons why I, let me say again, why I do not use domain forums anymore. Some people may agree with my opinion, some people may disagree and that’s ok because in life you won’t always see eye to eye with everyone else. But acting like everyone else is wrong and you always know best is immature and childish.

The same person this past week chided people who took part in the GoDaddy Groupon when the deal fell apart. I don’t feel like visiting his site to get the exact quote, but it was something along the lines of “you should have known better and you got what you deserved”. Nothing like a nice guy to rub your nose in it, huh? Again, grow up.

But what really got me and rubbed me the wrong way had nothing to do with my blog or my point of view. I am very good at ignoring people who deserve to be ignored. I would have been more than happy not to say anything, but I mentioned those two recent incidents to show a trend of what this guy does. Now what I have problem with is this guy’s rebuttal post to a post on TotontoDomainer.com today (see first post here http://torontodomainer.com/is-domainnamesales-com-minimum-100-dollar-payout-for-ppc-earnings-too-high-for-reg-fee-domainers-the-answer-is-yes/). The TorontoDomainer post was an innocent post asking a simple question and trying to make a simple statement. The statement was that maybe a parking platform’s minimum payout should be decreased from $100 to something less. Is this post hurting anyone? Is it meant to offend anyone? Not at all. But of course our Mr. Know It All decides to do a rebuttal post because, well, I don’t know why. Maybe he is bored and can’t come up with topics on his own other than trying to start a disagreement with someone. Maybe he is a grumpy old man. Maybe the normally scheduled rerun of Gossip Girl wasn’t showing tonight and he had free time. I have no freaking clue. But he writes his rebuttal post. As a side note, in his rebuttal posts he also seems to like to brag. In this specific rebuttal post he mentions how he was making thousands of dollars a month in parking in the past. In the rebuttal post to my Top 10 Reasons why I don’t visit domain forums anymore he likes to mention how he’s the #1 poster at a forum and he’s done hundreds of deals and yadda dadda da. Who cares. I mean are we in high school? So in the rebuttal post to the Toronto Domainer post he goes on to say that the parking platform should raise the payout to $250. And he refers to people who earn less as “domainer riff-raff”. Very classy. You’re not in his league so you are “riff-raff”. If you want to read his post you can find it on your own because I’m not giving him a backlink here.

Later Toronto Domainer wrote a follow up post (see here http://torontodomainer.com/what-is-a-reg-fee-domainer/). He makes a few comments that really hit home when you think about them.

“A good chunk of Reg Fee Domainers are not from USA, UK, or Canada. They live in parts of the world where earning a dollar could mean the difference between going hungry for days!”

“51% of the world makes less than $2 dollars a day. Thanks to micro-investments over the last decade a lot of third world country residents are out of the slumps and earning $0.50-$2 a day working.”

“He doesn?t make the type of money we make here in North America! $20 dollars to him will feed his family for weeks! He doesn?t expect anyone to understand his level of Domaining but I do!”

“Domaining is an international industry not just for those who make the big bucks and think they can push anyone off the cliff just because they make less than $100 a year.”

When I read this followup post by Toronto Domainer I got really pissed and decided to write this post. It takes A LOT for me to get pissed and I usually keep my nose to the grindstone and pay no attention to what others say. Reread those quotes I took from the Toronto Domainer article, go and read his full article and let it sink in. And then think about how this one blogger had to write a rebuttal and say that the minimum should be raised to $250. Talk about having an inflated sense of self-worth and not considering any one else. First off, there was no need to write a rebuttal against the original Toronto Domainer article. Seriously, FIND SOMETHING BETTER TO DO ALREADY WHY DON’T YOU. Secondly, how do you feel saying that the minimum should be raised to $250 now? And saying that if you don’t earn enough you are “domainer riff-raff”. Still proud of your article? Knowing that the minimum payout could be putting food on the table of people in different countries. Maybe $100 isn’t a lot to a big baller like you, pushing $3000 in parking a month, writing 30,000 posts in forums, and whatever else you do. But that money to some people (who I guess you feel aren’t as important as yourself) means something in their life so how dare you. You should be ashamed of yourself. Maybe you should spend less time critiquing people’s opinions and more time on growing up.

I’m not going to get into a pissing war because I have better things to do so there won’t be any follow up from me on this. Normally I try to be the bigger person and ignore people who need to be ignored, but even a low key guy can reach him limit. I’m glad that TorontoDomainer took the time to eloquently rebut a domaining bully and bring to the attention of all of us that we are very fortunate to have what we have and there’s a whole world of people out there that work just as hard as us for a fraction of what we make. It definitely hit home with me.

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  • ASSCRO is an idiot. He’s the type of person pissed off at the world because ***************************************. That guy is a fool. He thinks he’s a superstar but his blogs on a dot net. That always makes me laugh. LOL

    Edited – I can’t condone personal attacks like that here.
    Chris TLD.org

  • The ‘domainer riff-raff’ comment is really pathetic especially when considered with the context of the TD post saying how half the world makes less than two bucks a day.

  • I appreciate your support very much. Just wanted to point out that Acro is a good guy. He has a good heart and sometimes in the heat of the moment we may not agree on some sensitive topics. I do my best to write honest articles and not everyone will agree with me. Hope we bump into each other and I get the honor to shake your hand. God bless you and God bless the world.

    • @TD

      Getting into a war of words is childish and shame on me for starting one with my post… but referring to people as riff-raff (synonym for garbage) because they make less money then other people is just flat out wrong and something needed to be said. It is sad that someone would have that point of view. He can put himself up on that pedestal on his blog as much as he wants, but to put other people down like that… no excuse.

  • Acro is a wannabe know it all, when groupon drama hit he kept posting same crap everywhere. He litters his bs articles all over the place, so lame. This guy needs to get a life, go outside take a break talk to real people, not just robots who agree with mr nobody. Guy needs a girlfriend, 30000 posts on dnf, come on get a life. Block his lame 2 sentence blog on dnf, email his sponsors with prejudice.

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