When I see things like this I scratch my head…? there is a startup company, Adzookie, who is offering to pay people’s mortgages in exchange for painting their house as an advertisement.? This I get.? The free press that this will get them (prior to them even painting a thing) will be worth more than what they will end up paying in mortgages.? What I don’t get is the domain name…? Adzookie???

It is a mobile ad company.? So the name obviously is trying to be a branded/catchy type of name I guess, but I think they fail.? Just think of how phonetically you could potentially spell Adzookie… adzookie, adzokie, adzookey, adzokey, adzookee, adzokee, etc…? and when I wake up tomorrow morning I’ll probably have forgotten the name even though I wrote this post about it.? They would have been much better off with a LLLL.com domain name that started with “AD”…? something like adco, admo, adyo, etc…? and these types of names they probably could have gotten for under $10k if they didn’t have the cash to outlay for a premium domain.? They registered Adzookie.com in April 2010, and the .net and .org versions are still available to hand reg, as is Adzokie.com…? so they don’t really doesn’t have a good grip on domains.? It’s like starting a brick and mortar business in a back lot off the street by choice.

You can read the full article about this on CNN found here.

4 comments on “They Will Pay Your Mortgage but They Won’t Pay for a Good Domain Name

  • Look for the website URLs of local businesses near where you live and it is obvious that many small businesses consider the acquisition of a domain name about as serious a decision as the decision to purchase a wastebasket.

  • Come on, nobody can learn everything…If everybody understand domain names. Look at it this way, Einstein if he’s still alive might wonder why the hell it’s so difficult to understand E=Mc2

    • @SEOPPC

      Domain names are not quantum physics… a business owner should understand the lingo “location, location, location”… yet they don’t understand that it applies to the online space also. Not a complex concept.

  • @Admin Business owners should understand location,location, location in the world of brick n mortar. But not necessary in the world wide web. They should, but they might not.

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