As a domain buyer I hate seeing reserve price auctions and a good chunk of the time I don’t place a bid on them because I know the reserve will be outside of the reseller price range and there’s really no point for me to bid.? As a domain seller I understand why people put reserves and I too have done it in the past on platforms that you aren’t confident will bring enough bidders or the right bidders to your domain auction.? Right now I think Flippa presents domain sellers with a very good opportunity to introduce their domains to the right bidders… people who are going to take a domain and build a site out on it.? Because of this I decided to test out the Flippa waters and list a no reserve domain auction for a domain that I had originally bought to develop into a site but never got around to, If you want to see the auction here’s the page:?

I thought this domain specifically would be very appealing to the Flippa crowd because selling backlinks, backlink creation software, and outsourcing backlink creation are popular business models.? And there’s been success of domains selling that use the letter “z” at the end instead of a “s” which I mention in my auction listing so there was some decent comparables.? I had a great offer on the domain a while ago but I still thought I’d get around to building something out on it so I declined at that time, which in retrospect will cost me some bucks but hey that’s life.

I paid something like $200 in ‘listing fee’ upgrades to get the domain featured in the Flippa newsletter and some other perks.? It was a 30 day no reserve auction with a $1 starting bid and it is down to the final 10 days and so far it is not looking too hot.? There’s been 13 bids from 6 bidders and the bid right now is at $60.? The one thing that I’m really disappointed in is the lack of benefit that paying for the newsletter mention resulted in.? Getting listed in the newsletter is the bulk of the add-on fees and this did not pay for itself, it did not result in the bids I was expecting and it did not even result in the watchers I was expecting.? You get mentioned in the newsletter relatively quickly so if you don’t see those bids or watchers right off the bat it is a good measure of the effectiveness the newsletter had or didn’t have on your auction.

I had 49 Flippa credits in my account so I just spent them to promote the auction on the Flippa homepage so we’ll see if that gives the auction a kick in the rear.? I am hoping that the bidding picks up over the last 10 days and I can consider the no reserve auction a success because I’d love to list a bunch more domains on Flippa with no reserve to get some additional cash flow going, but I’d only do that if I was confident that they’d wind up with respectable ending prices.? We’ll see what happens.

3 comments on “To Reserve or to Not Reserve? Testing Out Flippa with a No Reserve Auction

  • Same thing is happening with me, I’ve listed without reserve and no bids as yet. Fingers crossed for both of us.

  • You will barely break even. Why would you pay flippa 200 bucks when your domain will sell for merely 200 or around.

    Also from the experience with another seller, even if you dont want to sell the name, even with NO-rerserve auction, you simply dont transfer the name to highest bidder.

    Atleast thats what the seller of no-reserve auction from last week told, that even he held no resrve auction, he will not sell his name to highest bidder Lol.

    Flippa just wana make their Pop fees.

    • We obviously have different opinions on what the domain is worth to someone. Of course I would not pay $200 if I thought the domain was would sell for $200. If you viewed the auction you would see what other domains that end in “z” have sold for recently and there’s some solid four figure and five figure sales.

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