When I want to transfer a domain of mine to a different registrar the process is normally easy… I log into my account, click on the “Authorization code” button, and am provided with an authorization code.? Nice, easy, and quick.? I won a domain name at auction and it resides at Register.com.? I went to get the authorization code.? I click the button and….?? first I land on a page that asks me if I’d like to keep my domain with them for the ‘special price’ of $20 for 1 year.? Is $20 for a .com renewal supposed to be a good price?? Next it brings me to a page where it gives me a “WARNING” in red letters telling me I am going to be transferring my domain to another registrar…? I have to click the accept box to move on.?? The next page I land on asks me four questions… 1.? what company am I transferring it to (is that really any of your business Register.com?)? 2. Why am I transferring it to another registrar?? 3.? Did I buy this domain name at an auction? 4.? Do I own any other domains with Register.com.??? Now, this is just ridiculous… I am being forced to answer a survey in order to get an authorization code.? Fine, I answer the damn questions and click “Request Authorization code”.? And on the next page I get my authorization code… errrr… not exactly, I get this:

Your request for an Auth Code has been received and your information will be validated for security reasons. If your request is approved, you will receive your Auth Code by email in 4-5 days.

Are they for real?? I have to jump through hoops and I don’t even get the code, I need to wait 4 to 5 days.? Exactly what information are you verifying Mr. Register.com?? This has to be the most ass backwards authorization code request process I have seen.

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  • Same with Moniker…ask you why you are transferring and I told the support that Godady offers $7.49 to transfer/plus one yr renewal whereas you guys charge $8.99

  • Hmm. Another dirty tactic from a registrar. I say, go transfer all your domains to another domain. In my case, it’s godaddy.com. I know domainers hate Godaddy but they their services just fits my needs.

    What I do is to get the auth code in advance after I do the registration since it is still emailed to you…not directly accessible from the web interface, unlike that of 1and1.com. But hey, it’s better than Registrar.com’s so called “security practice”.

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