This is my final post about this topic because I’ve said my peace after this.? If you didn’t read yesterday’s post you can find it here.? The outcome of this is that Adam (DNForum owner) refused to ban the scamming member from DNForum.? His reasoning is that since the scam did not occur on DNForum that DNForum will not take any action because it is not DNForum’s responsibility.?? Nice logic Adam, nice way to protect the community.? By this logic, it means that if you are a scammer on any other site you are still welcome on DNForum…?? Not exactly the message I would want to send.? Everyone who posted in the thread advised Adam that action should be taken (at least 15 different people were of this opinion), but Adam (aka Dot Com God on DNForum) appearantly knows better then the community and refused to ban the scammer.? The word Hubris comes to mind.

Adam also commented about my “rant” on my blog yesterday.? I’m not sure why he would care what I “rant” about on my blog, because my “rant” did not occur on DNForum so he should turn a blind eye to it… right?? Right?? Right???? I think the issue is that I am not a full time domainer.? I do it as a hobby.? As a result, I have the luxury that a full time domainer might not have where I can speak my mind and stand up for what I believe is right without having to worry that someone might be offended that I dare speak out against them.? I don’t think Adam is used to anyone standing up to him and I don’t think he liked it.? Even though his forum’s community asked for the same outcome, he couldn’t see past himself to go against his initial ruling.

I was only trying to help fellow domainers avoid a scammer so I did my part.? There were two other members who posted in the DNForum thread saying that they previously had a bad business experience with the scammer.? If they came forward back then maybe I wouldn’t have had to go through this experience now, but I think both of them see this now and agree it is good to speak up. But even if they spoke up, if the scammer is allowed to remain then it wouldn’t have mattered.? You need everyone to speak up and step up, and that includes you Adam.? Don’t be shortsighted and only concerned with what happens on your site.? You are doing your community a dis-service by being this way.

True to my word I requested my DNForum account to be closed.? If I don’t believe in something then I don’t want to be a part of it and I no longer want to be a part of DNForum.

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  • I agree with this. I also own a forum and we cannot be liable for actions that take place off of the forum. If we did, that would be a lot of work.

    You must put yourself in the shoes of the forum owner.

  • @ Forum Owner

    I’m not asking him to assume any liability. Nor am I asking him to monitor other places, or do any detective work, etc…

    Everything was cut and dry, the other party admitted it, all Adam had to do was ban the person. It would have taken 10 seconds of his time. That is not too much to ask. And there was a clear benefit to the community in that a scammer would be removed. Exactly what benefit does the community get by allowing a scammer to remain?

  • DNForum has been in decline for a while so you’re not going to be missing out on much. I do like Adam personally, but can’t stand a lot of the people that linger around over there, many of which seem to have zero interest in actual domaining. Time wasters, trolls, scammers, and lowballers, all sprinkled with a tiny number of real contributors.

  • The only thing in Emil’s favor – sleazy as that move was – it was likely a first-time thing, or he would have known in advance that Sedo forwards the winning bidder information.

  • “I was contacted by the member King dot net on DNForum”

    Enough said! He should be banned from DnForum. The process started on DNF, continued on Sedo!

  • I realize that forum owners shouldn’t be held liable for NOT banning someone who has done scamming on a different forum or site, BUT it should be in that owner’s best interest to get rid of someone who has scammed on another site so that they don’t scam on their forum. Especially if the scammer admits it – then it’s not a case of a banning based on opinions or misconceptions or false evidence or anything else that could cause a stink.

    It’s not something I’d leave a forum over, but I can understand your frustration over it. Maybe he’ll come around sooner or later and do the right thing.

  • I believe the other member banned himself yesterday.

    To err is human but I could understand how you feel.

    But your domain can still be sold at higher price at the current auction. Who knows?

  • Did you get anywhere with this?
    This story did disturb me.
    Much better to have 1000 good members on a forum than 5000 of whom 4000 are wideboys and scammers.
    I understand forum owners not wishing to ban members who have erred elsewhere but at the end of the day this guy got caught with his hands in the cookie jar and who would want to deal with him? What he did re the sedo auction was slimey as hell and if it had happened to me I would be fuming too.
    Are you still resigned from dnf? Is he still there?
    No doubt sedo didn’t ban him.

    Adam is a good guy (as most of us know) but he made the wrong call here. Hell for all I know Adam has changed his policy by now?

    I’ve been a member of dnf for 8 yrs or so. Bum members do crop up and I’ve had my share so any steps to erradicate them is a step in the right direction.

    I noticed Adam has suggested a new verification procedure for members sounds like a great idea to me but a good trader like you should be a member and not a sneaky freak.

    • @ Andy

      Thanks for the comment. I’m off of DNForum. On the bright side, that probably opens up 30 minutes of each day now for me to do something else with.

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