I don’t see this done often if ever, but I’m going to give it a shot.? I’m going to open up some domains I own to allow anyone to refer a buyer and earn a commission on them.? I don’t have a ton of contacts across all verticals and so finding the right person to market a name to can be a challenge.? Even if you find the right company that is only 10% of the battle, the other 90% is finding the right person at that company to get in contact with.

I list my domains at the usual places but they sit there in the marketplace waiting for someone to find them.? I can give them to a domain name broker but unless it is a six figure name or higher I doubt they proactively search for the right end users to contact and reach out to them.? More likely they go into a newsletter and get mass distributed to whoever is already in the broker’s list.? I’m going to try to harness the power of a group.

Maybe you know a contact in a field related to one of the domains I put up on my sidebar and you can speak with them and direct them my way.? Maybe you have someone in your LinkedIn group that a domain would make sense for.? Contact me, let me know who you are referring, and then have them reach out to me.? I’d be more than happy to give you 15% of the sale price in commission.? This also can give someone who is getting into domaining the opportunity to get some capital to invest without having to spend a dime.? To be very clear, sending me someone’s email address is not a valid referral because I have no clue if you know the person or if you found the email randomly.? You need to have your contact reach out to me so I know it is a true referral.

There may be some pitfalls of doing this, but the only one I can think of is if 100 people search Google and all send emails out to the same people.? I’m asking you to only take advantage of this if you already have a specific contact.? Please don’t send out spam emails for my domains.

Let’s see how this goes.


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