The .TV domain extension had a very successful week recently selling 2 of the top spots and it seems like this domain extension is picking up more steam and becoming more valuable. Still, there are some nice keyword domains that are coming up for auction through Namejet and they have very few or no bids on them. Might be a good opportunity to try to get some good ones on the cheap, here’s my favorite ones that I saw.

You can click any of the domain names to be taken directly to their auction page. – it’s the capital of Connecticut and also the name of quite a few companies. 9 bidders. – nice city in Cali. 6 bidders. – these guys are sharks and they have big bucks (maybe for this domain). 2 bidders. – only 1 bidder so far so this could be a winner for $79

The rest of the domains have no bids on them currently, if you like any you may be able to get’em for $69:

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